I'm new to Stata and have been through the help files and did some searches but I can't find what I'm looking for. I want to see the median of a variable I created by each group without having to list the detail.

I have a binary variable with values 1 or 0 called groupbyvar and the variable I want the median for var1

my code:

bysort groupbyvar: egen median_var1 = median(var1)

This works but now I want to see two values one for groupbyvar = 0 and one for groupbyvar = 1 respectively. How do I achieve this?

If I use list groupbyvar median_var1 I get what I want but I have to go through all the data and if I use display median_var1 I only see the value for one of the groupbyvar's values

  • Why not just cross-tabulate the two with tab groupbyvar median_var1 – eborbath Feb 4 at 9:42
  • Spelling is "Stata" and has been so for >30 years. – Nick Cox Feb 4 at 13:12
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Given what you have done, this would give a minimal display

tabdisp bygroupvar, c(median_var1) 

and indeed if all you want is a display, there is no need to create a variable first.

Here is a reproducible example

. sysuse auto, clear

. tabstat mpg, s(median) by(foreign)

Summary for variables: mpg
     by categories of: foreign (Car type)

 foreign |       p50
Domestic |        19
 Foreign |      24.5
   Total |        20

and study of the help for tabstat would show the scope for looking at single summary statistics, as you request, and at several.

  • Perfect thanks this is exactly what I was looking for. Cheers – Rohan000 Feb 4 at 14:09

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