I have multiple dictionaries under "/etc/project_name/i18n" (e.g "/etc/project_name/i18n/default" and "/etc/project_name/i18n/overlay").

My requirement is picking up the values first from overlay path and if the overlay dictionary is empty, select the default path.

With the usage of internationalization in sightly, I am always getting the key values from "default" dictionary first. Is there a way to change this order of preference?

Thank you.


Assuming both 'default' and 'overlay' are jcr:language, you can provide explicit preference as such:

${'key' @ i18n, locale='overlay'}

For recurring implementation:

<sly data-sly-call="${i18nOverlay @ key='key'}"></sly>

<template data-sly-template.i18nOverlay="${@ key}">
    ${key @ i18n, locale='overlay'}

Ref: HTL Expression Language

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