Having an issue with geo distance sorting with elasticsearch where an error is being returned when attempting to define the location pin. Using the Elastica PHP client.

    '_geo_distance' => [
        'location' => $location,
        'order' => 'asc',
        'unit' => 'm'

The error is;

illegal latitude value [269.58378318697214] for [GeoDistanceSort] [reason: all shards failed]

This suggests the value of the latitude is >180 but the value is only 51.561965753874624 with a longitude of -0.38245278430174103 (as retrieved from google maps).

I've checked the values are still as above before they are entered into the sort function.


I found the issue to be that elasticsearch doesn't like how accurate the map location is!

I implemented the following to round the values to 6 decimal places, and it worked a treat.

foreach ($mapcentre as $deg) {
    $location[] = round($deg, 6);
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