Question: is it possible to connect R Studio on Ubuntu to a SQL Server database that is being used on a virtual machine (Microsoft Windows 10) through the local network?

I will keep looking, I want to make sure it is possible before I spend any more time at this. Thanks.

Update: I couldn't do it. I ended up using Rstudio on the VM alongside Windows 10 through DSN I created. I couldn't bridge Rstudio outside the VM into the SQL server database on the local host. I tried everthing on this SO post How to connect to SQL Server in Win7 virtual machine from Mac host? but no joy.

  • It must be possible - they are in the same network after all. – gotqn Feb 5 '18 at 18:32
  • what kind of Virtual Machine? VMware, VirtualBox, ...? -- Maybe there is an answer on the smaller StackExchange sites. – knb Feb 10 '18 at 12:57
  • @knb it was Oracle VM virtualBox – D.Flores Feb 10 '18 at 13:32

I don't have access to any virtual machines anymore (I did when I was at a previous job), but this is how you would connect R to SQL Server.

toSQL = data.frame(...);
                INSERT Yada.dbo.yada
                FROM '\\\\<server-that-you-can-see>\\export\\filename.txt'
                FIELDTERMINATOR = ',',
                ROWTERMINATOR = '\\n'

Since insert INTO is limited to 1000 rows, you can dbBulkCopy from rsqlserver package.

dbBulkCopy is a DBI extension that interfaces the Microsoft SQL Server popular command-line utility named bcp to quickly bulk copying large files into table. For example:

url = "Server=localhost;Database=TEST_RSQLSERVER;Trusted_Connection=True;"
conn <- dbConnect('SqlServer',url=url)
## I assume the table already exist

And, finally . . .


dbhandle <- odbcDriverConnect('driver={SQL Server};server=Server_Name;database=DB_Name;trusted_connection=true')

NEEDDATE <- as.Date('8/20/2017',format='%m/%d/%Y')

# DataSet1
DataSet1<-paste("DECLARE @NEEDDATE nvarchar(25)
SET @NEEDDATE = '2017-07-20'

SELECT      . . .


DataSet1 <- sqlQuery(dbhandle, DataSet1)
DataSet2 <- sqlQuery(dbhandle, DataSet2)

Combined <- rbind(DataSet1, DataSet2)
  • I'll try this later on. thanks – D.Flores Feb 20 '18 at 15:07

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