Hy guys . help me.
What is Difference wal level logical, hot_standby, minimal, logical and what is wal segment whether need to use big segment or not?

now i use Wal_segment : 50.
why after I try insert 5 million row segment archive over 50?

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The parameter wal_level determines how much information is written to the transaction log (write-ahead log, short WAL).

The settings in decreasing order of amount of WAL emitted:

  • For logical replication or logical decoding, you need logical.

  • To run physical replication with hot standby, you need hot_standby.

  • To archive WAL files with archive_mode = on, you need archive.

  • The minimal level logs only the information required for crash recovery.

Note that from PostgreSQL 9.6 on, archive and hot_standby have been deprecated and replaced with the new setting replica.

A WAL segment is one 16 MB transaction log file as seen in pg_xlog or pg_wal.

I guess that with wal_segment you mean the parameter checkpoint_segments (max_wal_size since 9.5).

It does not pose an absolute limit on the number of WAL segments, it determines after how much WAL a checkpoint will be forced. If your archive_command is slow, WAL may pile up.

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