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I have multiple .pdf attachments and I want to pass the attachments as an array of objects as shown below to the SendEmail function. I read through the AWS documents and there was no information regarding attachments.

   let attachment_data = [];
        filename: 'ticket.pdf',
        content: new Buffer(fs.readFileSync('/sample/tickets/ticket.pdf')).toString('base64'),
        contentType: 'application/pdf',


    function SendMail(options, template, cb) {
        for (var key in options) {
            template = template.replace('{{%' + key + '%}}', options[key]);
            from: constants.EMAIL_FROM,
            to: options.email,
            subject: options.subject,
            message: template,    //html content
            attachments: (options.attachment)?options.attachment:null  //array of objects
        }, function(err, data, res) {
            if(err) cb(err, null);
            else cb(null,res)

am receiving email but without attachment and I looked all over the documentation and all but all I could find is this statement below which is relevant.

 - **The total size of the message, including attachments, must be smaller
   than 10 MB.**

am using the below package [node-ses][1]

    var ses = require('node-ses'),
    client = ses.createClient({
        key: process.env.AWS_ACCESSKEY_ID,
        secret: process.env.AWS_SECRET_ACCESSKEY,
        amazon: process.env.SES_REGION

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  • What I understand from node-ses docs is that it doesn't support attachments the way you want. You can only build a raw email and have the attachment there. Check out nodemailer it has attachment support out of the box. – Alex Michailidis Feb 6 '18 at 8:33

Easy for use this https://nodemailer.com/transports

SES take me 3 hours after i seen that url


I found solution by using mail composer and it worked just fine.



AWS SES provides efficient way of configuring and sending email. Please refer to the following post. It worked for me. How can send PDF attachment in `Node aws-sdk` sendRawEmail function?

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