How to add inline js code from controller ?

admin module controller


and in catalog module controller

public function inject_abc_javascript(&$route, &$data){
    $code = $this->config->get("module_one_two_three_code");
    $data["scripts"] = "<script>OneTwo.push(function() {
      appId: $code,

Is there any way to add inline javascript in OpenCart header?


Yes, you can do it.

First of all you have an error/typo in addEvent parameters, change oone_two_three to one_two_three.

Then you need a third parameter for your function:

public function inject_abc_javascript($route, &$data = false, &$output = false){
    // Before closing tag
    $hook = '</head>';
    $js = '<script>alert("Hello from one_two_three module!");</script></head>';
    $output = str_replace($hook, $js, $output);

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