I have many python scripts and it is a pain to run each one of them individually by clicking them. How to make a batch file to run them all at once?

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    What is your environment? – Sebastien D Feb 6 '18 at 17:24

Use the start command to initiate a process.

@echo off
start "" foo.py
start "" bar.py
start "" baz.py

Re comment: “is there way to start these minimized?”

You can always ask about how a command works by typing the command name followed by a /?. In this case, start /? tells us its command-line options include:

MIN          Start window minimized.

Hence, to start the application minimized, use:

start "" /MIN quux.py
  • Yes this is helpful, is there way to start these minimized? – Raebel Christo Feb 7 '18 at 8:56

just make a script like this backgrounding each task (on windows):

start /B python script1.py
start /B python script2.py
start /B python script3.py

on *nix:

python script1.py &
python script2.py &
python script3.py &

Assuming non of your script requires human interaction to run

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