For example,

iPhone productOf Apple
Apple  produces iPhone

I can create such two relations between the two nodes. I can query like this:

1) Which company's product is iPhone?

MATCH (Product {name:"iPhone"}) - [r:productOf] -> (company) return company

2) What products does Apple product?

MATCH (company {name:"Apple"}) - [r:produces] -> (products) return products

However, even without the 2nd relation "produces", I can still answer the 2nd question:

MATCH (products) - [r:productOf] -> (company {name:"Apple"}) return products

So it seems there is no need to create semantically equivalent relations between two nodes in data modelling. Is that true?

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Yes, that is true.

Traversing a relationship in either direction (as you show in your question) is equally easy and efficient.

In addition, you can traverse a relationship without even specifying the directionality.

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