I would like to do a upsert for a document. Is it currently possible to do that via nodejs elasticsearch API?


I looked through the API, and I could only see an upsert option for update.

Does that mean currently there aren't any way for me to upsert a document?


  • till now there is no upsert method for NodeJS Elasticseach API so work around you can check the existence of document if it not exist insert it if it exist update it. – Mohamed Abdullatief Oct 23 '18 at 20:45

Set the doc_as_upsert parameter to true when calling the update method to upsert a document.

const response = await client.update({
  index: 'myindex',
  type: 'mytype',
  id: '1',
  body: {
    doc: {
      title: 'Updated'
    doc_as_upsert: true

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