Normally windowSoftInputMode set to adjustResize would cause a RecyclerView to be resized such that an EditText positioned beneath it would become visible above the virtual keyboard. However, when the same RecyclerView, EditText layout is placed within a standard CoordinatorLayout hierarchy with fitsSystemWindows enabled, like the one below, adjustResize appears to have no effect and thus the RecyclerView doesn't resize and the virtual keyboard ends up covering the EditText view

    <!--NOTE: If `fitsSystemWindows` above is `false`
    `adjustResize` behaves as expected but doing so ruins
    the child views' ability to receive insets and display
    themselves beneath the `Status Bar`--> 

Any assistance is greatly appreciated; I'm happy to provide follow-up details and / or screenshots as well

  • do you get a similar behaviour LinearLayout or any other Viewgroup? – Bishoy Abd Feb 7 at 4:49
  • When I use a LinearLayout or something other than a DrawerLayout or CoordinatorLayout adjustResize works as expected – Forrest Bice Feb 7 at 15:37

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