I've been having trouble with creating a dropdown GTK calendar widget in an app of mine.


Basically I wanted to have a text combo-box where you can type in the date such as 2011/02/01 for example and it would autoformat the date. This part is not a problem, the other part which is the drop down calendar aspect where you can click on the dropdown button next to the combo-box and it drops down into a calendar in which you can select the date.


I've spent some work hacking at this with Ruby GTK (Gnome bindings really) and below is some of the solutions that I've came up with.

  1. Basically I created a textbox, then created a button and gave it the "down arrow" to simulate a dropdown button for a combo-box and it looks alright, not the greatest thing in the world.

  2. For the actual calendar widget, I would create a borderless/titleless dialog box and embed the calendar widget in it and place it just under the text box where the dropdown combo-box list would appear.

  3. It would be dismissed when the user selects a date.

However there are several problems with the above solution that I've came up with which is:

  1. The borderless/titleless dialog box still creates something that is being displayed on the taskbar...

  2. If the user press say "ctrl+q" to quit the application, since the calendar widget has focus the key-binding never makes it to the parent window.

  3. If i move the parent window, the calendar widget is stuck there floating in the air.

  4. If i click somewhere else or type the date into the textbox, the calendar widget does not disappear, I have to pick a date from the calendar widget...

So in short I would like some advice or suggestion on how to do a proper/better way of doing a calendar dropdown widget? I would prefer to keep this purely in GTK without additional widgets like from Gnome, etc...

  • Problem 1 might happen if the dialog doesn't have a parent window. Not sure about ruby, but in c++, a dialog's constructor accepts a parent window as a parameter. When I pass this parameter, the dialog isn't displayed in the taskbar. – Jong Bor Lee Feb 1 '11 at 18:24
  • I also had to make a calendar widget once, and had all problems 2-4. I finally worked around 2 and 4 by adding Accept and Cancel buttons. At least it explicitly showed the user a way of closing the calendar. Didn't really had time to do something about problem 3. I guess it could be done catching some motion event from the parent window and moving the calendar accordingly (using "motion-notify-event" perhaps, someone correct me). That's all advice I can offer I'm afraid. – Jong Bor Lee Feb 1 '11 at 18:41

The combo box takes a GtkListStore for its dropdown menu. You could implement a custom GtkCellRenderer that renders a date as a GtkCalendar in its cell, then just have one item (the date) in the list store. When you drop down the combo box, the calendar will appear, the user can select a date, and then you can read the date from your list store.

  • Sounds like a good idea! But implementing a GtkCellRenderer that renders a date as a GtkCalendar sounds pretty intimidating to someone unfamiliar with GTK (how do you "render" a control in a cell renderer?), so some example code would have been nice... – rob74 Nov 29 '12 at 20:50
  • Well, it is intimidating, to be honest -- too complicated to post some example code here. I've been wanting to write a tutorial on how to write custom cell renderers for some time, but I haven't found the time. – ptomato Nov 30 '12 at 9:27

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