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I am very new to JS here what i want to do is just copy the data from one div to another div by using JS but i am getting undefined error

<div id="div_one">Hello</div>
<div id="div_two"></div>

document.getElementById("div_two").innerHTML = 

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    you can use .value to input elements to make it work try document.getElementById("div_two").innerHTML = document.getElementById("div_one").innerHTML; – Aswin Ramesh Feb 7 '18 at 8:26
  • got it, thanks man – C.das Feb 7 '18 at 8:32
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    so, we can use .value to input elements only or nowhere else ? – C.das Feb 7 '18 at 8:39

You need to take innerHTML property for getting the value.

value is only available for some elements, like <button>, <option>, <input>, <li>, <meter>, <progress>, <param>.

document.getElementById("div_two").innerHTML =
<div id="div_one">Hello</div>
<div id="div_two"></div>

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    Thanks, its working now – C.das Feb 7 '18 at 8:32

According to innerHTML MDN:

Note: If a <div>, <span>, or <noembed> node has a child text node that includes the characters (&), (<), or (>), innerHTML returns these characters as &amp, &lt and &gt respectively. Use Node.textContent to get a correct copy of these text nodes' contents.

  • textContent often has better performance because the text is not parsed as HTML.
  • Moreover, using textContent can prevent XSS attacks.

In this sense you may also try alternative properties:

let div1IH = document.getElementById("div_one").innerHTML;
let div1TC = document.getElementById("div_one").textContent;
let div1IT = document.getElementById("div_one").innerText;
document.getElementById("div_two").innerHTML = div1IH;
document.getElementById("div_three").innerHTML = div1TC;
document.getElementById("div_four").innerHTML = div1IT;
<div id="div_one">Hello & > _ < & </div>
<div id="div_two"></div>
<div id="div_three"></div>
<div id="div_four"></div>

Since in this case you might want to copy the HTML content, the innerHTML may be adequate, but if you are going to use that data as text only, you might prefer the alternative properties above.

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