I'm using the SQLBulkCopy to load data in my table. It's works fine, but sometimes the data just don't load in my table and I don't receive any errors.

That's my code:

Dim dtbTabelaLoad As New DataTable("base_fat_contrato_linha_composicao")

For Each linha As Linha In objLinhaFinal
    Dim strContrato As String = linha.ComposicaoLinha.NumeroContrato
    Dim strComposicao As String = linha.ComposicaoLinha.NumeroComposicao
    Dim strNumeroLinha As String = linha.NumeroLinha

    dtbTabelaLoad.Rows.Add(strContrato, strNumeroLinha, strComposicao)

Dim load As SqlBulkCopy = New SqlBulkCopy(strStringConexao, SqlBulkCopyOptions.Default)
load.DestinationTableName = "base_fat_contrato_linha_composicao"
load.ColumnMappings.Add("fk_id_contrato", "fk_id_contrato")
load.ColumnMappings.Add("access_nbr", "access_nbr")
load.ColumnMappings.Add("fk_id_composicao", "fk_id_composicao")


I run this code several times in my program, but sometimes the data just doesn't appear on the table.

  • Is objLinhaFinal the only object you are using to fill the table? When you debug, are there rows in the DataTable?
    – Jacob H
    Feb 7, 2018 at 13:28
  • Yes Jacob, its the only one. But doing a double check on this, I discover another process that was erasing the data that was inserted by my code. So, the SQLBulkCopy is working fine, without any problem. Thanks a lot! Feb 16, 2018 at 13:58
  • If you wish, you can answer your own post with the solution to your problem.
    – Jacob H
    Feb 16, 2018 at 13:59

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After see the Jacob comment, I discover another process that was erasing the data that was inserted. So, its all ok with my code (happily).


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