I have some SQLAlchemy models (Declarative) and some queries to write like:


Since I have to use the above query several times in my code I would like to do better than repeating it over and over. I know that in django you can do it by putting managers in your models.

Is there something equivalent to django's managers in SQLAlchemy? Or maybe another way to do it?

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For common queries I add a class method to a mapped (ORM) class. For example:

class User(object):

    def get_by_username(cls, dbsession, username):
        return dbsession.query(cls).filter(cls.username==username).one()

The mapped class is essentially the manager.

  • yeah good idea i should have thought about before thanks!!! – Jérôme Pigeot Feb 2 '11 at 8:02

What I end up doing is creating manager classes. I only implement instance methods on the SA object and wrap anything that fetches/generates queries for lists/etc of model instances on the Mgr class instead.

class MyModelMgr(object):
        return MyModel.query.filter(MyModel.somefield==param).all()

class MyModel(Base):

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