I am trying to add a formatting to a custom language in Monaco Editor. It seems that we could use monaco.languages.registerDocumentFormattingEditProvider.

As an example, I have made a working plunker. Now I want to add a very simple formatting rule to the whole document: add one newline after each error log. But I don't know how to write the provider in mySpecialLanguage.js:

monaco.languages.registerDocumentFormattingEditProvider('mySpecialLanguage', {
  provideDocumentFormattingEdits: function (model, options, token) {
    console.log("here") // which is well printed
    // should return a value of type TextEdit[], but I don't know how to construct one

provideDocumentFormattingEdits should return a value of type TextEdit[], where TextEdit is specified here. However, I cannot find enough code samples of constructing TextEdit in Monaco Editor (there are some examples for VSCode). Could anyone point me to some samples and help me get started?


This question has been answered and resolved on GitHub.

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