I want the className should be added or removed automatically when the screen size changes.

I tried using media queries, but that didn't really work for me. In my stylesheet I have predefined classes for example:

.bold { font-weight: bold;}

and this classes cannot be added or removed using media queries.

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    Why do you want to do this? Have you considered using media queries? Please edit your question to add more detail.
    – Tom Fenech
    Feb 7, 2018 at 17:18

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Attach a resize event handler to window, then you can check the screen size and use that to update state. Then in render, you should check state to tell whether or not the new class should be added or removed:

componentDidMount() {
    window.addEventListener('resize', () => {
            isMobile: window.innerWidth < 1200
    }, false);

render() {
    const className = this.state.isMobile ? 'mobile' : '';
    return (
        <Component className={className} />
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    as an addition, if the component could potentially unmount you should also add a componentWillUnmount function to remove the listener otherwise it will keep erroring Feb 7, 2018 at 17:42
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    I would recommend throttling the resize handler
    – Ted
    Feb 7, 2018 at 18:34
  • This will be run while resizing your screen - what about to have this function to be run always not when resizing. Thanks Oct 23, 2020 at 13:35

If you're looking to do this with hooks instead of classes, here is a simple example for this case:

const [isMobile, setIsMobile] = useState(window.innerWidth < 1200);

{/* Performs similarly to componentDidMount in classes */}
useEffect(() => {
    window.addEventListener("resize", () => {
        const ismobile = window.innerWidth < 1200;
        if (ismobile !== isMobile) setIsMobile(ismobile);
    }, false);
}, [isMobile]);

{/* There is no need for a render function with Hooks */}
return (
    <p className={`${isMobile ? "mobile-class" : "non-mobile-class"}`}>Your text here</p>

For a more in-depth explanation of the useEffect hook, check out the official React documentation here. Please note that you must be using React 16.8 or higher to take advantage of hooks.

  • Hi you can add a return statement in the useEffect to clean up, when it unmounts Sep 28, 2020 at 6:00
  • @FaizHameed can you explain what you mean? I'm still rather new to React and I'd love to learn how to improve the code Sep 29, 2020 at 14:01
  • Does this creates performance issues? Jan 25, 2022 at 8:29
  • @AyushKumar it shouldn't, React hooks are designed to be efficient if used properly Jan 25, 2022 at 20:12
  • @AaronMeese I am talking about memory leaks when you don't remove them, when the component unmounts. Jan 26, 2022 at 14:06

the solution above is firing the event every time you resize, perhaps something like this would be a better option:

  const mediaQuery: string = "(min-width: 768px)";
  const mediaQueryMatch = window.matchMedia(mediaQuery);
  const [isMobile, setIsMobile] = useState(false);

  useEffect(() => {
    const handleClassByMediaQuery = (event: { matches: any }) => {
      const isMobile = event.matches;

      return setIsMobile(isMobile);
    mediaQueryMatch.addEventListener("change", handleClassByMediaQuery);

    return () => {
      mediaQueryMatch.removeEventListener("change", handleClassByMediaQuery);
  }, [isMobile, mediaQueryMatch]);
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