I can't upload images on mobile Safari using Angular Formly. There is no error in console. This is on

Here is my custom Formly template:

name: 'file',
template:  '<div ng-repeat="fileUrl in fileUrls" ng-if="fileUrls"><img ng-attr-src="{{ fileUrl }}" style="width: 100%; height: 100%;" /></div>' +
 '<button class="btn btn-primary center" ng-click="selectFile()">Upload Files</button>' +
 '<input type="file" id="{{options.key}}" onchange="angular.element(this).scope().fileChanged(this)" ng-attr-multiple="{{to.maxUploads > 1}}" />' +
 '<input ng-model="model[options.key]" />',
wrapper: ['simpleLabel', 'errorMessage'],

I have two inputs because file uploads can only hold blobs. Both inputs originally had display: none on them but I took this styling off as I read that Safari doesn't like that on mobile. I still have the issue.

Here's my selectFile() function:

$scope.selectFile = function(){

I can paste the rest of my controller if someone feels that would be helpful, but the code never runs further than that selectFile() function. When you click the button, nothing happens. I would expect the mobile file-picker menu to come up.

Any help much appreciated.

In case someone else spends a long time over something so trivial: I did remove display: none, and refreshed, and saw the same issue. But once I quit Safari entirely on my phone and re-opened it, the problem was resolved.

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