I want to reorder my array from last bottom line to first on the top. I'm trying use array_reverse, but i fail all runs.

Anyone of you, have an idea how i could implement this into my code? Everything works, but i only need array in reverse


this is my code:

$f = fopen("list.txt", "r");

while (!feof($f)) { 

$arrM = explode("###",fgets($f));

echo "<p align='center'><b><font color='red' size='6'>" . $arrM[5]. " PLN</font></b><br><b><font size='5'>" . $arrM[3]. "</b></font><br><a target='_blank' href='" . $arrM[1] . "'><img src=" . $arrM[2]. " width='100%' /></a><br><br><br><br></p>";



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Try This

$data = [];

$f = fopen("list.txt", "r");

// store all data line by line in a 2D array
while (!feof($f)) { 
    $data[] = explode("###",fgets($f));

// reverse your data array
$arrM = array_reverse($data);

// echo data
foreach ($arrM as $row) {
    echo "<p align='center'>
    <b><font color='red' size='6'>" . $row[5]. " PLN</font></b><br>
    <b><font size='5'>" . $row[3]. "</b></font><br>
    <a target='_blank' href='" . $row[1] . "'><img src=" . $row[2]. " width='100%' /></a></p>";

fclose($f);  ?>
  • Ani, you are incredible. You helped me so much!
    – Arek
    Feb 8, 2018 at 14:26

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