I am working with coefplot to plot regression coefficients for a categorical variable. My regression model is a simple linear model with a categorical variable with 7 types (a type of cities) as the independent variable and a continuous variable (population density) as the dependent variable.

I want to show graphically how my regression coefficient varies according to the seven types of cities, using core plot. I can do it quite easily using:

'coefplot density cities'

enter image description here

but now I would like to customize my plot using different colors for each category of my independent variable (type of cities).

I would like to have seven different colors for points instead of having just one.

Any suggestions on how to do it?

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This is a pretty clunky, manual way:

sysuse auto, clear;
label define rep78 1 "One Repair" 2 "Two Repairs" 3 "Three Repairs" 4 "Four Repairs" 5 "Five Repairs";
lab val rep78 rep78;

reg price ib1.rep78 c.weight;
est store M1;

(M1, keep(2.rep78) mcolor(navy) ciopts(color(navy)))
(M1, keep(3.rep78) mcolor(orange) ciopts(color(orange)))
(M1, keep(4.rep78) mcolor(maroon) ciopts(color(maroon)))
(M1, keep(5.rep78) mcolor(emerald) ciopts(color(emerald)))
, legend(off) offset(0) note("Efects Relative to 1 Repair", span);

to get this:

enter image description here

You can add the constant with something like:

(M1, keep(_cons) rename(_cons = "One Repair (Base)") mcolor(navy) ciopts(color(navy)))
  • Thank you. It was exactly what I needed. I was not able to write the correct syntax using both "keep" and "mcolor" – ggg Feb 9 at 8:02

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