I am using JBOSS 7 to host my MDB and IBM MQ as my messaging provider. I am using wmq.jmsra.rar resource adapter to communicate to IBM MQ.

If Message1 is consumed by MDB, we are storing message content into DB. Due to field validation it can't able to store and throwing exception. We handled that run time exception and MDB code running good. Now, Instead of picking Message 2 from queue, MDB keep on picking again message 1 and processing again and again.. we are getting below error in log file.

2018-02-08 18:53:19,447 INFO  [org.jboss.as.connector.deployers.RaXmlDeployer] (default-threads - 17) wmq.jmsra.rar: MQJCA4026:Transaction backed out with reason: 'The method 'xa_end' has failed with errorCode '100'.'.
2018-02-08 18:53:19,448 WARN  [com.arjuna.ats.jta] (default-threads - 17) ARJUNA016045: attempted rollback of < formatId=131077, gtrid_length=29, bqual_length=36, tx_uid=0:ffff0a5b844a:bacea37:5a7c20fa:897, node_name=1, branch_uid=0:ffff0a5b844a:bacea37:5a7c20fa:898, subordinatenodename=null, eis_name=unknown eis name > (com.ibm.mq.connector.xa.XARWrapper@3d6ba018) failed with exception code XAException.XAER_NOTA: javax.transaction.xa.XAException: The method 'xa_rollback' has failed with errorCode '-4'.
  • If the XA transaction is meant to commit both the MQ GET and the DB INSERT as one unit of work, if the DB INSERT fails the message will be backed out to the queue. If you view the message on the queue you will note a field in the MQMD called Back out count. This should increment each time it is backed out. The MDB will also look at two queue level settings, BOQNAME and BOTHRESH. If these are filled in, the MDB will move the "bad" message to the queue named in BOQNAME if at get time the back out count is equal to the BOTHRESH. – JoshMc Feb 8 at 18:06
  • If the above would solve your problem let me know and I'll write it up in answer form. – JoshMc Feb 8 at 18:07
  • Dear Josh, how we can handle that infinite loop of picking same message again and again from MDB java point of view. – Pramod Kumar Feb 12 at 11:00
  • Hi Pramod, I proposed a solution above, if you want me to write it up confirm this will work for you. It will essentially try to process the message the number of times you set as BOTHRESH, if it exceeds this number it will move the message to the queue you specify in BOQNAME. Those are both queue manager side settings so the MQ administrator will need to set them. – JoshMc Feb 12 at 14:48
  • Thanks JoshMc, I will get in touch with MQ team.. – Pramod Kumar Feb 13 at 5:20

You can ignore the WARN message and it can be assumed that MQ has discarded the transaction's work, since XAER_NOTA indicates that the transaction is no longer known to the resource adapter.

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    MQ discarded transaction work, i agree with this point. But my MDB keep on picking same message again and again processing and failing again and again. – Pramod Kumar Feb 12 at 11:01

Please make sure that you are using IBM MQ JCA or later. I believe that you are hitting a known error in the IBM MQ JCA.

  • Dear Doug, We are using WMQ JCA version version – Pramod Kumar Feb 13 at 5:19

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