We have Stored Procedure in MS SQL which allows multiple result set (i think a bad idea) but we can't change this SP. Another bad idea is that these result sets have different number/names of columns.

Assume sample stored procedure:

CREATE PROCEDURE pro.myprocedure
    @param NCHAR(5)

(110, 'John', 23),
(34, 'Sara', 21))
A(id, name, age);

(3, 'm', 'John', 23),
(7, 'f', 'sara', 21),
A(id, genre, name, person_age);


This should works according to documentation:

StoredProcedureQuery query = em.createStoredProcedureQuery("pro.myprocedure");

List first = query.getResultList();

if (query.hasMoreResults()){   // this row fails
   List second = query.getResultList();

But query.hasMoreResults() fails for SQLServerException The column name xxx is not valid.

Debugging revealed bug in Hibernate it presumes same columns in result sets I found this: bug report

Is there any other solution/workaround for handling multiple result sets in hibernate?

any other solution I found is using raw Connection and ResultSet but I don't want to do it in Hibernate.

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