1. First installed angular cli globally: npm install @angular/cli@latest -g

  2. Then I create an angular project outside using by cli: ng new hello-world

  3. Copy .angular-cli.json file into the root my project:

  4. Modify .angular-cli.json file: "root" : "src" change to "root" : "ClientApp"

  5. I Installed angularCli dev in my root project: cd MyProject

  6. Then npm install @angular/cli@latest --save-dev

  7. I Went to that directory : cd ClientApp/app/components

  8. Then I wrote : ng g c MyComponentName

It shown me this screen:

enter image description here]1

  • the message say you that you have two or more module.ts in your directory. ng g c MyComponent, furthermore to create the module.ts, module.css, etc, add in the closer module.ts the import and declare – Eliseo Feb 8 '18 at 16:35
  • yes but how can solved that issue? – James Absalem Lintu Feb 8 '18 at 16:37
  • 1

Solved :

You need to rename the file app.module.shared.ts To app.module.ts under ClientApp/app and correct the file paths in app.module.browser.ts and app.module.server.ts accordingly.

Tested under :
Environment : Development
Target Framework : netcoreapp2.0
SPA template : angular

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