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I am a beginner in JSON JQuery Languages. i want to implement the Following API to retrieve the currency rates in my html code. Anyone Help? i am working Since Last Week on this project but nothing happens.

The API is: http://ravi.coeus-solutions.de/api/v1/rates/list?user_auth=NDYyZjAxMzg3ODhlNDc1ZDA4NTY2ZWNkYmNmYjdiMDE4OGE3MjBkMGUwODlmMWM3OGVjNWRlNGM3Mzc0OWEzMg

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You need to call object from json:

Go to following link for reference: JSON HTML

Use JSON.parse(obj) function.

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  • The question is from beginner. and W3school is best for beginners. I never give whole solution if we give whole solution then how they will learn new things. That's why i given a link that questioner will go through that and learn. – Gajjar Parth Feb 9 '18 at 7:18

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