Using package in Stata

Plotting 9 impulse response functions based on a trivariate VAR. order of the variables in the VAR : X, Y, Z.

pvar X Y Z, lags (1)
pvarirf, oirf mc(100) step(10) byopt(yrescale)

I end up with 9 IRF charts (3x3) Impulse:Function

Chart 1: Z:Z  Chart 2: Z:Y  Chart 3: Z:X
Chart 4: Y:Z  Chart 5: Y:Y  Chart 6: Y:X
Chart 7: X:Z  Chart 8: Z:Y  Chart 9: X:X 

How can I modify the order of the 9 charts when I plot the IRF command? by obtaining

Chart 1: X:X  Chart 2: Y:X  Chart 3: Z:X
Chart 4: X:Y  Chart 5: Y:Y  Chart 6: Z:Y
Chart 7: X:Z  Chart 8: Y:Z  Chart 9: Z:Z 
  • pvar is a user-written package that evidently isn't used much by anyone active here. There is no reproducible example here as you don't show any data. You could try asking the program author. Otherwise not clear enough without a data example to be answered easily. – Nick Cox Feb 12 at 14:31

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