The problem is that in the debug folder, the folder is already in the google folder. There is also a folder with the name of my first part of the package. So when I try to rename the first part of the package in my project, I get an error: Cannot create file 'D:\...\...\...\build\generated\source\r\debug\com'. File already exist. In my other projects, the folder with the name of the first part of the package is built in the folder 'com', and here in the 'debug' itself. Tell me, what can I do? Can I somehow change the build path of this folder in debug?

  • What does your code look like? What did you try so far? Just a error message is not that helpful.
    – Linus
    Feb 9 '18 at 19:53
  1. Go to Project view in left pane -> (project name folder) -> build

  2. There you will get 3 or 4 folders like: generated, intermediate, outputs like this: enter image description here

  3. Select all 3 or 4 folders in that build folder and delete them.

  4. Go to Android view in left pane and try to refactor your package name

  5. After that rebuild your project.

That's it!


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