I have an unusual situation and need your help. I am new to talend and making my way to be efficient. I will explain my question with an example:

  1. I am extracting data from a DB2 table and this table has 4 columns:

    Column 1 Integer

    Column 2 Integer

    Column 3 XML_DATA

    Column 4 Date

  2. Finally, loading all the data into Hive table on the HDFS. I am not sure of Hive table structure.


I do not know the list of XML tags in Column 3. Is it required to know the list of tags? How do i find it?

How do i untag the Column 3? How can i achieve the following file format:

          column1;column2;untag column3;column4

can "untag column 3" split into multiple fields in the output file?

I understand lots of questions. Hopefully, someone can help me. Thank you and appreciate all your help.

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