I've recently configured one of my repositories to automatically deploy a release whenever I push a git tag matching "vX.Y.Z", but this process isn't entirely automatic.

Specifically, I have to update my version number in the source code (i.e. bump "vX.Y.Z") before I can tag it to be built.

So it seems I have a couple options

  1. Continue bumping the build number manually before tagging
  2. Have my CI update the build number (e.g. extract it from the tag) then commit the changes to master

In my opinion, bumping the version number manually is preferable because it requires more effort before deploying a release, and the releases are tied to the commit rather than being one commit behind in the case that CI has to update the version number. (Also I don't want to wait for a build to finish deploying before updating master)

I haven't been able to find a strong opinion online, so I'm curious:

Is it considered bad practice to have my CI build server commit into my repository?


I would recommend the followings, if you can use vX.Y.Z.BuildVersion versioning scheme.

  1. Manage vX.Y.Z by manually based on Semantic Versioning policy.
  2. CI makes a release package with settting BuildVersion, if you push a new tag to GitHub.
    It would be the incremental count.
    Please note that BuildVersion is not managed on GitHub.
  3. CI pushes the package to GitHub Release.

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