I have 2 separate collections. Each has information of hotels in the world , each provided by different companies, but both contain same information, each collection have information like gps, name , country, city , email , fax and tel the problem is name(gps , info and ...) are changed, I wrote a similarity algorithm to find match of a record in collection A with collection B, I have no problem with algorithm, my problem is about run-time!

my solution :

compare a record from A with all records in collection B and find best match (this part use similiarity algorith and not my question),

problem :

I write this with pymongo and raw python code, is there any module to increase speed? (even parallel is good)

each collection has 160k record

  • how does your current queries look like? Are they running slow and adding slowness to your code? – Astro Feb 10 at 12:58
  • i handle algorith with python not by queries in pymongo ,just check city and country in mongo, because algorith it self is coplex , as i say i have 2 for (not parallel not multitread). – koorosh safeashrafi Feb 10 at 13:25

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