This probably has a really easy fix, but who knows since it is IE.

I use a transparency background-color for my nav bar here http://codingbybrandon.com/highlandscafe-new/index.php This works just fine in Chrome and firefox, but not in IE. Any suggestions on how to fix this? The nav bar is also a sticky nav you will notice, so in IE when you start to scroll, the transparency appears.

Thanks in advance!


You are using 8 digits hexD code for background-color, most of the browsers including IE doesn't support it yet. Check here

#mainNav {
    background-color: #121517e6;

Use can use rgba instead.

#mainNav {
    background-color: rgba(18, 21, 23, 0.9);
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    I am by no means no front in developer, so thank you for pointing that out. There's more freelance work for sites like this, so I'm learning.
    – balex
    Feb 10 '18 at 14:11

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