Not sure if this is related to Dapper use or not. On a SQL Server where Dapper is use, I see multiple cached plans being generated with the only difference being the length of parameter:

(@parentId uniqueidentifier,@childName nvarchar(60)) 
 SELECT [ID] FROM [Items] WHERE [ParentID] = @parentId AND [Name] = @childName

(@parentId uniqueidentifier,@childName nvarchar(91))
SELECT [ID] FROM [Items] WHERE [ParentID] = @parentId AND [Name] = @childName

(@parentId uniqueidentifier,@childName nvarchar(15))
 SELECT [ID] FROM [Items] WHERE [ParentID] = @parentId AND [Name] = @childName

Are there any Dapper config settings which control parameter length? Can it be set to a fixed length nvarchar(256) matching the table column definition?


You could define length when passing argument:

new {childName = new DbString { Value = "SomeValue", Length = 256, 
                               IsAnsi = false, IsFixedLength = false }};
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  • What's the IsFixedLength parameter for? – delroh Dec 14 '18 at 5:12
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    Ok I found out what it is for. IsFixedLenght is to indicate if the field is either variable length like varchar or fixed length like char. – delroh Dec 14 '18 at 5:31

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