I'm trying to connect to SQL Server:

var sql = require("mssql");

var dbConfig = {
    server: "LAP12\\INSTANCE1",
    database: "SampleDb",
    port: 1433,
    options: {
        trustedConnection: true

// connect to your database
sql.connect(dbConfig, function (err) {

    if (err) console.log(err);

    // create Request object
    var request = new sql.Request();

    // query to the database and get the records
    request.query('select * from SampleTable', function (err, recordset) {

        if (err) console.log(err)

        // send records as a response


But I receive this error:

ConnectionError: Port for INSTANCE1 not found in ServerName...

I've tried to follow instructions here https://github.com/patriksimek/node-mssql/issues/130 , but that didn't help. TCP is enabled.

Changing config to this didn't help either:

var dbConfig = {
    server: "LAP12",
    port: 1433,
    options: {
        instanceName: 'INSTANCE1',
        database: 'SampleDb',
        trustedConnection: true,

Ok, I had the same issue, will try to help. this is my config exemple

const config = {
    user: 'sa',
    password: '****',
    server: 'DESKTOP-Q5TO47P',
    database: 'dbname',
    options: {           
        encrypt: false

You need to turn on the SQL Server Browser. Go to start up menu or the search and look for SQL Server Configuration Manager. Run it! (Im using 2018 version)

  • In the left Tab click on SQL Server Services
  • now in the right tab double click on SQL Server Browser
  • will open a window, you will see 3 tabs, go for the Service tab
  • change start mode to Automatic and apply
  • left click on SQL Server Browser and click restart

  • Back to the right tab click on SQL Server Network Configuration

  • then Client Protocols
  • change TCP/IP to enable

Let me know if it works.

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