I query a vertica database (using squirrel-sql tool). Is this possible to be done in excel and populate into a worksheet? Does anyone have a possible solution for this?

Can't find anything about this online. I have the driver location, host name, port name, user/pass.


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You can query Vertica directly from excel. I did it and it works, just download ODBC driver, install driver, setup DNS and follow to instructions.

For version 7.x, read here

UPDATE on comment

Full documentation: Installing the Client Drivers and Tools on Windows

  1. Download Windows Client Drivers from here. Excel require ODBC drivers.
  2. Install drivers(double click on exe file -> next -> next -> profit!!).
  3. Set up ODBC DNS, instructions are here
  4. Follow to instructions here
  5. profit!
  • Do you know where the driver is supposed to be located? I cant find the vertica driver in step c. Im guessing I need to add it to a folder. – excelguy Feb 11 at 15:52
  • You need to download them and install. You can download drivers from Vertica Portal or from Vertica Marketplace. – sKwa Feb 11 at 16:06
  • read here how to setup an ODBC DSN. – sKwa Feb 11 at 16:14
  • thanks, I already have the vertica driver jar file, but I just need to be able to see this in the data sources area. My question is, where do I put this jar file so I can see it when creating a new data source? I am unable to download vertica drivers on company laptop. So I have a jar file already. – excelguy Feb 11 at 16:25
  • jar - its JDBC drivers(Java) and not ODBC(Excel require ODBC/ADO drivers). You need to download and install Client Drivers and Tools for Windows, its an exe file, read here. – sKwa Feb 11 at 16:38

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