Consider the following resources:

  • Case -- a request to perform an amount of job steps
  • Schedule -- a scheduling of job steps of a case

The relationship type between Case and Schedule is 1 to 1: a case can have only one schedule (but may not have).

If a case already have a schedule the create request will completly override it.

How would it be better to design URI to create/retrieve a schedule for a case?

I'm trying to choose between

  • PUT /cases/{case_id}/schedule

  • GET /cases/{case_id}/schedule


  • PUT /schedules/cases/{case_id}

  • GET /schedules/cases/{case_id}

Could you please give advice?


The first approach looks much better for me. The schedule is an attrribute of case and it doesn't make sence without the case.

Moreover you have said that case may not have schedule, so it will be better the first approach:

PUT /cases/{case_id}/schedule
GET /cases/{case_id}/schedule

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