I have a bass class like this:

public abstract class Document
public Int32 DoucmentID {get;set;}
public String Name {get;set;}

Then I have

public class Proposal : Document
   public String ProposalStuff {get;set;}

Now I want to write some generic method to handle updates using Dapper.Contrib

//some class somewhere..

public bool Update<T> (T as item) where T : class
 using (var sqlConnection = new SqlConnection(_connectionString))
                return sqlConnection.Update<T>(item);

Now I want to update the object:

   public bool UpdateProposal(Repository.Proposal prop)
            return orm.UpdateItem<Repository.Proposal>(prop);

Dapper.Contrib gives me this message:

{"Entity must have at least one [Key] or [ExplicitKey] property"}

I am not able to find an example using an abstract base class. I thought maybe the type for the UpdateProposal should be Document but I get the same message.

Thanks for the help. I am sure it is something simple.

EDIT: I have found half the answer. I started testing just using a single class (no abstract) and got the same error. After further research:

Dapper.SimpleCRUD Insert / Update / Get fails with message "Entity must have at least one [Key] property"

I found that using Key [Dapper.Contrib.Extensions.Key] can solve the issue. It seems though that Key from ystem.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations should also work?

If not that makes me a little sad as any service that wants to use the ORM would have to know about Dapper and I was hoping to avoid a mapper.

Going to try now and break up the class again though and see if at least it solves the immediate issue.



So yes after all it works fine with the abstract class as long as I use the Dapper Key annotation vs. ComponentModel.

It might be that the Dapper Key is only what is supported. but that would be another question.


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