I am trying to get the current value of a mat-slide-toggle but unfortunatly I will get an error:

Error: Template parse errors:
Can't bind to 'ngModel' since it isn't a known property of 'mat-slide-toggle'.

I am using the toggle like this in the html part of my component:

 <mat-slide-toggle color="primary" [(ngModel)]="showInnerView">
      Default Slide Toggle

Corresponding property in my component:

showInnerView: boolean = false;

What I am doing wrong?

Documentation of mat-slide-toggle

Official example of mat-slide-toggle together with [(ngModel)]

Used Versions: Angular: 5.2.4, Angular Material: 5.2.0


ngModel lives in FormsModule of @angular/forms, so import that to your AppModule (or whichever module you are trying to use it in).

Also see this question: Angular 2 two way binding using ngModel is not working


Please try to include FormsModule in your corresponding Module like below

imports: [ BrowserModule, FormsModule ],
declarations: [ AppComponent ],
bootstrap: [ AppComponent ]
  • I had import @angular/forms included, but only used the ReactiveFormsModule. Including FormsModule helped!
    – ill
    Jul 25 '19 at 13:19

i had the same problem, after running

ng serve

it was fixed

  • This is not an answer as it does not provide any solution or explanation, please have a look at the tour from StackOverflow on how to answer questions: stackoverflow.com/help
    – Ferie
    Jul 30 at 9:58

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