I opened up localhost:9870 and try to upload a txt file to the hdfs.

I see the error message below

Failed to retrieve data from /webhdfs/v1/?op=LISTSTATUS: Server Error

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I had the same issue with JDK 9. The fix for me was to add this line in hadoop-env.sh

export HADOOP_OPTS="--add-modules java.activation"

Thats because java.activation package is deprecated in Java 9.

  • I have -Hadoop 3.0.0 -Java 9.0.4 And this solution worked for me. Thanks S2L
    – Isomorph
    Jun 7, 2018 at 17:51

I got this to work with OpenJDK 13 by downloading hadoop 2.9.2 and copying the activation-1.1.jar file from that download into the $HADOOP_HOME/share/hadoop/yarn folder you're using for Hadoop 3. Then you have to run stop-dfs.sh and stop-yarn.sh and then start them both again. No need to edit any config files with this method since it will automatically be added to the classpath.


Just solved such a problem, I have multiple java versions and hadoop3.1.0.

you need to specify the java home variable in etc/hadoop/hadoop-env.sh, and the java version should be 1.8.


This occurs due to conflicting versions of Java and OpenJDK installed as a dependency of Homebrew. So it would be nice to uninstall Java. using the commands below

  1. Uninstall java


sudo rm -rvf /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk<version>.jdk
sudo rm -rvf /Library/PreferencePanes/JavaControlPanel.prefPane
sudo rm -rvf /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin
sudo rm -rvf /Library/LaunchAgents/com.oracle.java.Java-Updater.plist
sudo rm -rvf /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/com.oracle.java.JavaUpdateHelper
sudo rm -rvf /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.oracle.java.JavaUpdateHelper.plist
sudo rm -rvf /Library/Preferences/com.oracle.java.Helper-Tool.plist

you can check with [this link][1]

  1. Create symlink to point to Homebrew open JDK dependency

    sudo ln -sfn $(brew --prefix)/opt/openjdk@11/libexec/openjdk.jdk /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/openjdk-11.jdk

  2. Check for Java path using

    $ /usr/libexec/java_home

    It generates a path like this


  3. update the Hadoop environment file with the OpenJDK path by using this command in the terminal

    $cd /opt/homebrew/Cellar/hadoop/3.3.1/libexec/etc/hadoop $code hadoop-env.sh

update the JAVA_HOME path with the following

export JAVA_HOME=/opt/homebrew/Cellar/openjdk@11/11.0.18/libexec/openjdk.jdk/Contents/Home

Bonus: Check your java path with echo $JAVA_HOME


Try to install Java version 11 (or lower) or 1.8. I changed to Java 1.8, and it solves my problem. Hadoop is not compatible with a java version higher than 11.

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