I'm trying to install the pony orm package via conda:

conda install pony

However, the conda install command results in a PackageNotFoundError:

PackageNotFoundError: Packages missing in current channels:


We have searched for the packages in the following channels:

The package also doesn't show up in Pycharm's available packages.

How do I install pony via conda?

I'm using

  • Anaconda 3

  • Python 3.6


My procedure for installing packages in conda is the following:

conda search packagename

in your case:

conda search pony

in your case it returns the following:

pony                         0.7.1                    py27_0  conda-forge
                             0.7.1                    py35_0  conda-forge
                             0.7.1                    py36_0  conda-forge

It displays the pony version, python version and the anaconda channel in which the package is located.

so to install you go (-c for channel):

conda install -c conda-forge pony

If search returns no hits go to https://anaconda.org/ and type the package name into the search bar at the top. This gets you here in your case:


Same information on that page as well:

conda install -c conda-forge pony

Now if there's no package on Anaconda Cloud you can still try pip which comes with conda.

So if there's no hits you just go:

pip install pony

and hope for the best :D

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