I have a large dataset where subsets of variables have been entered with the same prefix, followed by an underscore and some details. They are all binary YN and the variables are all doubles. For example, I have the variables onsite_healthclinic and onsite_CBO where values can only be 1 or 0.

I want to rename them all according to the question they are on the survey I'm working off of (so the above variables would become q0052_healthclinic and q0052_CBO), but if I use the code below using substr I (obviously) get type mismatch:

foreach var in onsite_healthclinic onsite_CBO {
        local new = substr(`var', 8, .)
        rename `new' q0052_`new'

My question is, is there another command other than substr that I can use so that I don't have to either a) convert all of the variables to strings first; or b) rename them all manually (there are ~20 in each subset, so while doable, it's a waste of time).

  • substr() is a function, not a command. – Nick Cox Feb 12 at 1:30
  • Use compress to reduce memory use by data. There is no reason to store binary variables as double. – Nick Cox Feb 12 at 9:10
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There is no need for a loop here at all. Although the essential answer is one line long I give here a complete, self-contained answer.

set obs 1 
foreach v in onsite_healthclinic onsite_CBO { 
    gen `v' = 1 

rename onsite_*  q0052_* 

describe, fullnames 

This answer implies that you've not studied the help under rename groups.

Will this work?

foreach var in onsite_healthclinic onsite_CBO {
    local new = substr("`var'", 8, .)
    rename onsite_`new' q0052_`new'

I added quotes around the call to the local var in the substr function and added onsite_ to the rename and that seemed to work.

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    Nick's answer is in fact the better one, I would accept his instead – Eric HB Feb 12 at 3:47

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