When we use a cdn library like jQuery instead of bundling it


we have to include it as an external dependency :

externals: {
   jquery: 'jQuery'

then require it in the Vue.component

import $ from 'jquery';

OK, but how do we find the module ID to insert into the externals ?

As an example, if I use the paypal api checkout.js

<script src="https://www.paypalobjects.com/api/checkout.js"></script>

and I need to import it into my component vue

import paypal from 'paypal'

What is the module id to write in the webpack externals and where (how) can we find it from the paypal.js file content ?

externals: { paypal: 'checkout'. // or 'paypal-checkout' or 'paypal' ??? },

thanks for feedback


SOLVED ... using the html-webpack-externals-plugin package !

yarn add html-webpack-externals-plugin --dev


const HtmlWebpackExternalsPlugin = require('html-webpack-externals-plugin')
plugins: [
    new HtmlWebpackExternalsPlugin({
      externals: [
          module: 'paypal',
          entry: 'https://www.paypalobjects.com/api/checkout.js',
          global: 'paypal'


  <script src="https://www.paypalobjects.com/api/checkout.js"></script>

Payments.vue component

  import paypal from 'paypal'
  • Just to point out that if the external webpack plugin is used it is not necessary to include the script tag into index.html – attdona Feb 22 '18 at 20:33
  • Does anyone use html-webpack-externals-plugin in vue-cli3.x, I found this plugin will insert my external file many times in the html file – sknight May 21 at 14:38

html-webpack-externals-plugin hasn't been updated for a long time and has a bug.
If someone is using third-party lib such as "http://somedomain/plugin.js" (not cdn), you can use html-webpack-tags-plugin. Its old name is html-webpack-include-assets-plugin, which is depended by html-webpack-externals-plugin.
I use it in vue-cli3.x with multiple pages, everything is OK.

    plugins: [
      new HtmlWebpackTagsPlugin({
        append: false, // append first
        publicPath: false, // remote lib doesn't use publicPath
        tags: [http://somedomain/plugin.js]

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