I'm trying to build a small iOS app using MergAV to scan QRCodes. The only thing that troubles me is that if I create the app based on iPhone 5 screen size everything works OK. Even on the bigger screens! But If I start out with an iPhone 6 sized stack I need to add:

set the fullscreenmode of this stack to "ShowAll"

Otherwise the stack will be to big on an iPhone 6 or 7. This is strange in itself but manageable. After the line above my stack tells that the scaleFactor is 1 and the systemPixelScale is 2 (as expected) but when I set the rect of the "camera" via:

mergAVCamSet "rect",the rect of grc "cam"

the camera doesn't get the correct rect. It is offset slightly down-left and is higher than the original rect. If I on the other hand query the rect of the graphic and the rect of the camera via mergAVCamGet("rect") the first three numbers are the same but the last (bottom value) differs and the cam actually have a lower number!

Is this a bug? Something I should know? Something I can workaround?

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