I am working with Stata and I have panel data set by countrycode and year, with multiple imputations.

When I try to sort data and command:

sort countrycode year

, then for some reason the imputed dataset loses variability, i.e. all the observations for non-imputed variable are the same.

E.g. for US in years 2000-2010, I imputed var1. When I sort by countrycode and year, var2, var3 etc are just the same value for all US observations in 2000-2010.

Now to what I was actually doing this for: trying to create lags of my variables. What I had in mind for code was:

sort countrycode year
by countrycode: gen lagvar1 = var1[_n-1] if year==year[_n-1]+1

As mentioned above, that problem with sorting arises. Is it possible to create lagged variables for imputed data and if so, what is the code?

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