I have an application (Delphi Tokyo update 1) running on Windows (32 and 64 bit) and now I'm tuning it to work on Linux too. Unfortunately I came across an error that I do not know how to get around.

The function Log2 (in unit System.Math) returns an invalid floating-point operation for any input value greater than 1. More precisely, the function Ln (in the unit system) that uses the logl function of the module lim.so returns this error (TFloatSpecial.fsNaN, feeINVALID).

The strange thing is that the error only occurs inside an Apache module. If I run in a console application the function runs correctly. In Windows the function works in any case (either console or Apache).

So my question: what's the difference between these builds (console and Apache module) that could be causing this problem? Would there be any way around this problem until I get a response from Embarcadero support?

I've thinking out the use of a hook to change the code at runtime but I'm too new to Linux to do so.

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    Worth a bug report, I guess... but it may not be surprising, since Linux is a brand new platform for Delphi. You are guinea-pigging it, I'm afraid... :) – Arnaud Bouchez Feb 12 at 14:41

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