I'm trying to understand what this argument does, the TF api docs for AdamOptimizer's compute_gradients method say the following -

colocate_gradients_with_ops: If True, try colocating gradients with the corresponding op.

but it is not clear to me. What does colocating gradients mean in this context and what is the said op?


colocate_gradients_with_ops=False (default): compute gradients on a single GPU (most likely /gpu:0)

colocate_gradients_with_ops=True: compute gradients on multiple GPUs in parallel.

In more detail:

colocate_gradients_with_ops=False (default)

Only computes predictions in parallel and then move the computed predictions to the parameter server(cpu:0 or gpu:0). And with predictions, the parameter server (single device) computes gradients for the whole batch (gpu_count * batch_size).


Place the computation of gradients on the same device as the original (forward-pass) op. Namely, compute gradients together with predictions on each particular GPU and then move the gradients to the parameter server to average them to get the overall gradients.

Reference 1 @mrry

Reference 2 @bzamecnik

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