I have datasnap server with some methods I need to block calling service by get (from url). I have added "update" to my method names and post methods work fine. I move the other methods to private section and they are blocked but when I call methods that names start with "update" by url(get) working and I don't want that. How could I configure my server to run only with post protocol for example. I have HelloWord() method that can called by get like this http://localhost:8080/datasnap/rest/TServerMethods1/hellowword and I have updateHelloWord() that called with post and I never want to anyone cal call it from get protocol.

  • It used to be (Delphi 2010) that you could hide methods from publication by prefixing them with AS_ and setting the .HideDSAdmin of the TDSServer, but I don't think this works anymore. The simplest solution is to not tell anyone about the methods you don't want them to execute. – nolaspeaker Feb 13 '18 at 12:41

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