void main()
 char x[80];
 int vo,co,d,ws,sp;
 void count(char x[],int *vo,int *co,int *d,int *ws,int *sp);
 printf("\n ENteer a astring");
 count (x,&vo,&co,&d,&ws,&sp);
 printf("\nvowel=%d\ncons=%d\n dig=%d\n white=%d\n specal=%d\n",vo,co,d,ws,sp);

void count(char x[],int *vo,int *co,int *d,int *ws,int *sp)
 char y;
 int i=0;
    if (y=='A'||y=='E'||y=='I'||y=='O'||y=='U')
    else if (y>='A'&&y<='Z')
    else if (y>='0'&&y<='9')
    else if (y==' '||y=='\t')
    } while (x[i]!='\n');

P.S program is written in c language using turbo c. program to count vowels, consonants, white spaces, digits, and special characters. sorry, if I'm not addressing the question properly. I'm new to stackoverflow.

OUTPUT when I use \n in while loop

OUTPUT when I use \0 in while loop

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char *gets(char *s);

gets() reads a line from stdin into the buffer pointed to by s until either a terminating newline or EOF, which it replaces with a null byte ('\0').

I hope you got your answer.

P.S gets() is a dangerous function and should not be used reason being the function doesn't know how big the buffer is, so it continues reading until it finds a newline or encounters EOF, and may overflow the bounds of the buffer it was given, use fgets() instead.

  • Oh! so, which would you recommend to input a string? P.S thanks a lot for the answer. @Albert – Alpha Bot Feb 13 at 7:36
  • 3
    @AlphaBot: See Why gets() is so dangerous it should never be used for details of alternatives. If you're using Turbo C, fgets() is your primary — possibly only – alternative. You should get away from Turbo C ASAP — it is ancient. – Jonathan Leffler Feb 13 at 7:42
  • @JonathanLeffler appreciated for the help. which application do you prefer to execute c/c++? – Alpha Bot Feb 13 at 7:47
  • @alpha get the popular gcc + netbeans – machine_1 Feb 13 at 7:53
  • @AlphaBot: I mostly write C code, partly because I started writing C before there was C++ (and because I'm lazy). – Jonathan Leffler Feb 13 at 8:43

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