Let's say I have a few clients: corporation x, y, z. each of those corporation has their employees and their SSO (mostly saml but can be also openId or anything else).

I want to be able to integrate with their SSO so they can log in to my application without giving me their credentials. Something like cloudfoundry UAA. Which one should i use: AWS SSO or AWS Cognito? what's the difference?


I am on the Amazon Cognito team. Amazon Cognito is our identity management solution for customers/developers building B2C or B2B apps for their customers—so a customer-targeted IAM and user directory solution. AWS SSO is focused on SSO for employees accessing AWS and business apps, initially with Microsoft AD as the underlying employee directory. We plan to integrate Cognito User Pools and AWS SSO as part of our roadmap.

  • Is there any word on progress of integration between Cognito User Pools and AWS SSO yet please? Use case is to allow ALB authentication using Cognito backed by SSO as the user pool, meaning apps fronted by ALB could be seen as business apps by SSO. See serverfault.com/q/977052/406287. – John Jul 29 at 15:10
  • You may not need cognito at all since ALB directly supports oidc integration with azure. – l85m Nov 30 at 13:33

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