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Given an a TypeScript enum:

export enum Color {

I want to get all its values in an array like so:

["Red", "Green", "Blue"]

Yet when I work on that enum with

const colors = Object.keys(Color);

I get weird array consisting of its index and value:

[ '0', '1', '2', 'Red', 'Green', 'Blue' ]

Why is this the case and how can I only get the values?

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You can filter out the numeric keys:

const colors = Object.keys(Color).filter((item) => {
    return isNaN(Number(item));

This will print:


A TypeScript enum will transpile in the end into a plain JavaScript object:

  '0': 'Red', 
  '1': 'Green',
  '2': 'Blue',
  Red: 0,
  Green: 1,
  Blue: 2

So you can use the numeric index as key to get the value, and you can use the value to lookup its index in the enum:

console.log(Color[0]); // "Red"
console.log(Color["0"]); // "Red"
console.log(Color["Red"]) // 0

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