We have our development website password protected with htaccess and htpasswd. We have REST API on our dev website and we are able to bypass the password protection when we are not using any authorization header by passing the username and password as Basic Auth Type. Please check the below screenshot

Postman Authorization Type

However, we are having few other APIs as well where we need to pass the bearer(token) as authorization header. In this case we are not able to pass multiple authorization header for both htaccess password and token.

Is there a way we can pass both the htaccess authorization header as well as the API authorization header? Or can we bypass password protection only for API calls and not for the website?

For additional information, we are using Apache/2.4.28.


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    Have you found any solution for this? – JN_newbie May 22 '18 at 4:20

If you use postman basic authentication with username add password it will bypass the htaccess.

If you using through code, encode your "username:password" using base64 and pass it in the headers as,

'Authorization': "Basic BASE64ENCODE"

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