I am writing a number of VueJS apps that take part in a larger Microservices environment. My current workflow seems long winded but I can't find anything better and would like advice on how I could do it better. Here is my current work flow.

  1. Write VueJS development version (testapp)
  2. Push testapp to git server
  3. npm rum build to get a dist folder
  4. Create a nodejs/express app (testapp_server)
  5. Copy testapp dist folder to the testapp_server html folder
  6. Push testapp_server to git server
  7. On production server clone testapp_server from git
  8. pm2 start app.js --name testapp_server

If I make changes to my VueJS test app in dev, I have to go through this whole process again to get it into production.

I am on a closed secure network, so I don't have the luxury of using Heroku etc.

Is there a better way?

Update: I have just found out about git sparse-checkout which allows the checking out of specific folders from a repo. I am thinking I could include my dist folder in my development git repo and then just check out the dist folder using sparse-checkout directly into a node/express app on my production server.

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    I'm guessing you're working in enterprise environment since you're behind a closed network, but do you at least have access to an internal CI/CD tool such as Jenkins? I can't see any way to really automate this without it. – Francisco Mateo Feb 13 at 20:54
  • @FranciscoMateo Thank you. I have thought about that, but I am not keen on adding another tool, at least not at yet, but in the future I may deploy ansible. I am going to have a look at using GIT's sparse-checkout option tomorrow and see how far that gets me. – PrestonDocks Feb 13 at 21:16

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